This year marks the twelfth consecutive year of corn mazes at Pim Farms!! And not only do we offer one six-acre maze, we offer two! This year’s designs feature the Coker College Cobra logo and a scarecrow. Questions and “Cornundrums” that correctly guide you through the mazes are provided. Children under 12 will receive rides on the famous “cow train” and all guests will be treated to a wagon ride. Drinks, snacks, and short order food are available. Additional activities include our eleven hole putt-putt course, corn-hole game and, of course, our corn (instead of sand) boxes which children of all ages delight in.

Opens 9/15 and continues through 11/15

Hours of operation: Friday 6:00 to 8:00

Saturday 10:00 to 8:00

Sunday 2:00 to 8:00

Visitors must be in the maze by 8:00 p.m. each evening.

Open during the week for groups on request.

Admission: $7.00 for ages 12 and above; $6.00 for ages 4 – 11; children under 4 are free

Special group rates for church youth groups, etc.

Girl Scout Day: October 6 (10:00 – 2:00)

Boy Scout Day: November 3 (10:0 – 2:00

3 thoughts on “Maze

  1. I have a group of Girl Scouts that would like to attend October 15 for Girl Scout Day. Please let me know a price and when do you need the money?

    • The cost is $6.00 per person. This includes visits to our two mazes, wagon ride, cow train, putt-putt, and various other activities. We also will have girl scout patches for sale for $1.00. You may pay when you arrive and the girls can either pay individually or we will accept a check for the group. Reservations are not required but we appreciate your just letting us know approximately how many scouts you will be bringing. Please call me at (803) 983-9073 if you have any other questions. Thanks, Pim Booth

  2. You guys have some amazing land and pretty cool mazes!!! Thanks again for the shoe finding again!!! Hopefully me and the family will win the party out there!!!

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